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Welcome to Reefs & Oceans

Imagine an underwater world where professors, students and scientists work alongside one another to perform in-situ experiments, promote conservation and prepare future scientists to take over work that has already begun.

Imagine getting SCUBA certified, helping to build an artificial reef made of Ancient Florida Limestone – a preferred coral grafting base – staying on-site housing, dining, learning and practicing scientific techniques. All supported by donors like you. All this and more is possible at Imagination Reef, which was created to send an important message to the world: Protect the Oceans and Save Our Reefs.

Reefs & Oceans is a registered 501C3 non-profit that supports Marine Biology programs at the Celebration Reef offshore of Key Biscayne, Florida.

Reefs for Oceans is currently under a Memorandum of Understanding with Reef Builders International for the utilization of the Celebration Reef Project. The Reef is located offshore of Key Biscayne, Florida, at a depth of forty feet. Reef Builders International has an accepted Conditional Permit for placement in the Key Biscayne Special Management Zone from the  Department of Environmental Resources Management.

Reefs For Oceans intends to provide SCUBA training and expose students to an in situ (natural environment) experience, for marine biologists to learn and implement assisted evolution restoration.  

After all, these marine biologists are our front-line warriors in the effort to Restore & Save Our Reefs.

Credit: UND Chapel Hill
Credit: Tom Gordon, University of Exeter