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Imagine a memorial for your loved one in a unique way to celebrate someone’s life in an atmosphere teeming with life and revitalization.  Imagination Reef is a Reef built to create life in our ocean.  It is a special place for us to memorialize those we cherish while building a brighter future for our world.

As the group that envisioned the Atlantis Reef Project, later renamed the Neptune Memorial Reef, we certainly understand why so many people have chosen cremation in these modern times.   In the Imagination Reef, your memorial will also contribute to the future of our Oceans and Reefs, by serving as stones in our living reef, allowing Marine life to thrive for eternity.

We take this event seriously.

Your precious possession will remain pure when interred at our reef.  The whole or portion of the remains will be put in a sealed container and then placed inside your individual boulder to become part of a living reef.   Reefs For Oceans will scatter any remainder into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean to travel with the currents and tides as they see fit. 

Choose from our many packages to best fit your memorial wishes.   The pricing will vary from $1,250 – $3,500 depending on desired options.  If you would like to create a unique memorial for your loved one, please contact us to discuss additional possibilities. Call us at Reefs For Oceans to discuss your ideas.