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Set in Stone

Origin of the phrase

"set in stone"

When we think of the phrases “set in stone” or “written in stone,” our mind goes to the figurative meaning: something so unmovable and absolute. However, what is lost is the actual, literal origin of the phrase, set in stone.

If you write something in pencil, you can easily erase your work if you decide to change it later. Even ink can be washed clean. If you write something on a computer, you can quickly delete your work and start from scratch. Faced with these obstacles (well, maybe not the computer), our ancestors searched for a way to make their thoughts permanent and immutable.

To codify thoughts of great importance, they literally carved words into stone, setting them for the world to see. Remember The Ten Commandments, probably the most historical stone tablet?

We believe that this historical method of memorializing importance still has a place in our modern world – a place that serves as commemoration and revitalization.

In The Celebration Reef, every boulder, piling, or structure is an opportunity to set a legacy in stone. Make a statement, make a commitment, leave a legacy, and have your legacy Set in Stone.

Companies, Organizations, Individuals, or Groups can be a part of the Project through sponsorship of any available statute.  Click to view available Statuary and pricing. 

A unique place

It is designed and set in a uniquely beautiful location to commemorate a particular person, memory, event, or moment in time through a Set in Stone memorial.

Your stone isn’t only a stone in the ocean; it’s a building block upon which our reef will thrive for millennia. By choosing to Set in Stone at Celebration Reef, you celebrate that which is important to you.

Stone by Stone

The Celebration Reef will be built stone by stone, boulder by boulder, and block by block. Each block or boulder of ancient limestone coral rock allows the shell and sands of old reefs to become the foundation for the reefs of tomorrow.

Secure your message promise, commitment, memory or anything of importance, as a personal thought to another person, an event, or anything of meaning to you, set in stone. Set it in stone at the foundation of The Celebration Reef. It will be a message to last a lifetime and beyond.

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