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Our Best Chance to Save Our Oceans

(and Why Your Donation is so Important)

Our oceans and reefs have thrived for over 400 million years, as reproduction areas for much of earth’s biodiversity. Unfortunately, human activities now threaten their existence. Over 50% of the world’s reefs have died in the last 30 years. There is nothing on earth to replace it.

Most of these problems are the result of human interference. Other threats to marine life are over-fishing, agricultural pesticides, coral bleaching, filling the oceans with plastic, and factory/industrial sewage. 

The Washington Post published an article about how the loss of coral reefs will be disastrous for millions of fishermen and others that use them for their livelihood. Presently, over 500 million people rely on coral reefs for income, coastal protection, and food, and that number increases by the year. This year has seen a massive reduction in coral reefs available in our ecosystems.

Photo by Q.U.I

So, how can we reduce
the damage being done to our reefs?

At Reefs For Oceans, we understand that the best way to save our fragile marine life is by training student Marine Biologists in the art of Assisted Evolution. Our goal is to year after year, train the future generations of Marine Biologists in the science of Assisted Evolution.  The transplantation of these Super Corals is the best new science available to Save Our Reefs. 

Our programs allow Marine Biologists-in-training to learn and observe the cultivation and preservation of coral reefs in their natural habitat.  This is an education technique called in-situ learning. This underwater classroom will take place at the Imagination Reef in South Florida. Our on-site training provides an opportunity to learn organic trends in a conducive environment. More so, they can implement and study Assisted Evolution techniques that will produce healthier, more durable, and vibrant corals that can survive in warmer and more acidic ocean environments.

This long-term project is a huge undertaking.  Acting alone, we cannot achieve our goals without the support of the public.  While not everyone can work on-site for this mission anyone can contribute towards supporting the project and our Marine Biologists of the future. Your donations to Reefs For Oceans will help support our efforts, the coral reefs, and the oceans of our planet. 

Students will have an in-water experience, obtain their SCUBA certification by our partner training facility, and have the costs provided by people or organizations that recognize the importance of this mission.  Your contributions will help cover the costs of food, housing, and SCUBA training to mention a few. We plan to restore the oceans and reefs around the world, and you can join us in making that vision a reality!

Make a difference today. Click below to learn how you can donate.