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Yachts and Boats

Reefs For Oceans is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

Each donation helps Reefs For Oceans achieve its goal for the building of our reef and supporting our team of biologist in their on-going study of the reef.  Through your donation, you become part of a unique program that teaches marine biology students about coral reef restoration and the proven science of assisted evolution of super corals; the practice of using human intervention to accelerate natural evolutionary processes is the most advanced method of reef restoration.

How You Receive the Highest Donation Value

When you donate your boat to Reefs For Oceans, you will receive your full appraised value.   Reefs For Oceans qualifies for a special category of donation, as per the IRS, called “significant intervening use,” whereby the donor can claim the full appraised value of the donation as a tax deduction as soon as the charity takes possession of the vessel.

Your yacht or boat is “Going to Work”.    We will use them for Supply, Staging, Transport or Other vessel purposes as we build our reef and perform marine scientific studies of the reef.  

Reefs For Oceans Training Programs for Marine Biology Students

Reefs For Oceans is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity.   Our mission is to contribute to coral reef restoration, by providing marine biology students with training in assisted evolution techniques in an in-situ (natural environment) location. We work with marine biology students from colleges and universities across the USA. Student marine biologists are our future leaders in the race to save and restore our coral reefs.

Reefs For Oceans has specific needs regarding all kinds of donations in the support of our mission. Some of these are listed below:

Commercial Vessels

These vessels will transport equipment and personnel to the work and education site four miles offshore of Key Biscayne and forty feet underwater. Require diesel power, generator and maximum beam.

Center Console Open Fisherman, 30 feet or larger

These boats will transport students between pickup points and the support yachts. Outboards preferred, but there are many boats that will work to fulfill this need.


Two vessels required; vessels larger than 55 feet. These vessels will be converted to provide student support, in the form of medical preparedness, rest and meal preparation, as well as bearing the organization’s brand and donor information.

Boat docks

Dockage for our marine fleet would be a blessing. Will you help fund this resting place for our fleet? Ideal location in Miami, Key Biscayne or Coconut Grove. Alternatively, you could provide accommodations at commercial dockages and deduct the annual cost as a donation.


Two required. Rigid bottom with outboard motor. The bigger the better!

Work Boats

Military type, rugged, 36 ft. minimum; diesel, winches.

Scuba gear of all types

We will be working with classes of 30 students at a time.

Knuckle Boom Cranes for work boats.


Dive Certification

Be the person that gifts the cost of dive certifications for student marine biologists; this is considered a cash donation, to be used only for this purpose.

Air Miles

The donation of Air Miles will help bring students to our summer camps and dive certification programs, as well as help the executive team travel across the USA to expand our programs, attend conferences and visit universities and colleges to promote our programs.

Transport vehicles

To take students between accommodation, project and/or training sites. These can be 21-passenger vans, similar to rental vans.

Always check with your tax advisor before claiming any property donation as a deduction

Call us today and speak with one of our courteous yacht donation experts to see how your donation qualifies.

We Take Care of Everything for You!

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